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Parry Engineering is the flagship company of the Parry Group. The group was started largely as a trading concern by two young entrepreneurs, which has now grown into a large conglomerate, consisting of other multi-activity businesses like,

  • Foundry Division – General and Special Castings
  • HDPE/PP Woven Bags and Fabrics
  • Cable Compounds & Masterbatches
  • Consumer Durable Trading Division
  • Polymer Products Trading Division

The main business of the group is to export its products to major European, North American, African, South East Asian and other markets as well as supply to all big fabricators as well as OEM’s locally for their requirements of standard and customized profiles. We have a long history and a very good reputation.

Parry Engineering has Steel Hot-Rolling and the cold-drawing (bright-bar) division of the group. The Hot Rolling division produces a wide range of standard as well as customized Mild Steel Window, Door and Ventilator sections to choose from. We have many special and complex shapes with weights less than 1 kg/meter to as high as 10 kg/meter. Apart from this we manufacture various elevator sections, textile sections, automobile sections, as well as all types of special profiles and shapes.